• About the African Media Barometer

    The African Media Barometer is a research instrument that uses home-grown criteria derived from African Protocols and Declarations like the "Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression in Africa" (2002) by the African Commission for Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR). The instrument was jointly developed by MISA and fesmedia Africa in 2004.

    Every two to three years a panel of 10 to 12 local media and civil society experts meet to assess the media situation in their own country. The panellists discuss and score the national media environment according to the AMB's 39 indicators.

    The recommendations of the AMB reports are integrated into our advocacy efforts.

  • About Access to Information Africa

    MISA lobbies for the enactment of Access to Information legislation across the continent to improve citizens' access to information. In this respect we are guided by the African Platform on Access to Information (APAI) Declaration , which proposes a number of key principles intended to advance the right to access to information in all its dimensions, nationally, regionally, and internationally, and represents the first declaration on access to information on the African continent.

    Read more about the campaign to promote the APAI Declaration.

    Hover over this map to find out which African countries have adopted Access to Information legislation.